Wholesale provider
of .ng, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng, .co.za, .net.za, .org.za, .web.za domains.

Accredited .ng (NiRA) and .za (ZACR) Registrar.

We built everything with resellers in mind

Fully kitted Reseller Central and extendable RESTFul API

The Reseller Central

Reseller Central panel gives you all the tools you need, to manage all aspects of your .ng domains with detailed billing records and direct link with the Registry (NiRA).

We built the Reseller Central while listening to our first batch of resellers, providing timely and adjustments to fit the need of a domain company and hosting providers. We are confident you will find it great for your business


Full Support for WHMCS

We fully support the Web Host Manager Complete Solution so you have complete control over the look & feel of your website; we offer the best quality so you take your site up and running in no time.


No Signup Fees. No Contract Fees. Just Sales!

We also include a free demo account for testing.

Includes everything you need to sell in one box.


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